LA+acumen Salon Dinner – Generosity

Waterloo & City | 6:30PM-9PM

12517 W Washington Blvd, Culver City | View Map

Event Details

Salons are a time honored forum for conversation and exchange of ideas. 

LA+acumen seeks to continue this tradition by hosting a salon dinner with discussion centered around the values and mission of Acumen Fund.

This dinner’s theme is “Generosity” – to highlight the spirit of the holidays.

Who: The dinner is open to all! Attendance will be capped at 25 participants to ensure an intimate sharing of thoughts and ideas.

What: The purpose of the salon dinner is simply to have great conversation with inspirational people. The salon theme will initiate the conversation and from there you never know where the conversation will take you or where you will take the conversation!

When: Sunday, December 2nd @ 6:30pm

Where: Waterloo & City, Culver City

Tickets + Info

Your $28 salon ticket* includes a multi-course dinner (gratuity included) from Waterloo & City, a traditional British gastropub - meaning they have a relaxed atmosphere while serving extraordinary cuisine. The food - Each diner will be able to order two dishes from the "Pub Days" menu (appetizer, main or dessert). The "Pub Days" menu changes weekly, but, you can see past delicious menus here. The restaurant is able to accomodate vegan diners -- they will prepare a la carte vegan dishes. We would like to give the restaurant a sense as to the number of vegan diners, so, please let us know if you think you would like to order vegan. You can email us at Drinks will be available for purchase. As drinks will need to be put on a common bill, we ask that you bring cash for drinks.